Electrical Systems

Electricity plays a critical role in powering up systems in buildings. In order to understand how much electricity a building needs, engineering calculations are performed to estimate the power load that is required. Careful attention needs to be placed in how much energy a building needs to consume. The amount of energy a building consumes is regulated by building codes. Once this is determined, a plan is developed to house the electrical equipment in the building, such as transformer rooms, conduit chases, and electrical closets. Our licensed professional engineers have extensive experience in providing energy solutions to buildings. We have developed many electrical designs to realize creative ideas, by architects, lighting designers, and façade designers.

We are involved in all phases of the design process, which includes the following:

  • Conceptual Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document Preparation (including drawings and specifications)
  • Construction Administration
  • Survey of Existing Building Conditions

Some of the electrical system design services we provide are as follow:

  • Design, size and specify sub panel
  • Perform engineering calculations to estimate electrical load
  • Prepare electrical design specifications and notes
  • Prepare electrical load letter
  • Prepare NYC ECC mechanical comcheck calculation and compliance report