Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a engineering tool that can be used to simulate and analyze fluid flow and/or thermal problems. For example, CFD can be utilized to simulate air flow through a building or a battery assembly to understand air flow characteristics, such as pressure, velocity or temperature. The beauty of a CFD analysis is that we can take a design and then develop a CFD model from it and apply boundary conditions that represent real world situations. This analysis is used to recommend how to improve a design in terms of cost or effectiveness.
AR-TECH licensed professionals and PhDs have extensive experience modeling, simulating and analyzing engineering designs using CFD. The firm utilizes the following software to conduct the CFD analyses: ANSYS Fluent and STARCCM+. These softwares come with a library full of computational algorithms. AR-TECH Engineering, P.C. provide the following services:

  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • HVAC Analysis and Design
  • Fluid Structure Interaction
  • Multiphase Flow Analysis
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Turbomachinery Analysis